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Our mission is to help educate and increase awareness with our natural, holistic approach to your weight loss and overall well-being. We are passionate about changing lives with this natural holistic approach so you can live the life you deserve.


Personalized Weight Loss

Proven weight loss success through our natural, holistic approach.

Holistic Transformation

We focus on the holistic integration of mind, body, and soul to achieve optimal health results.

Lifestyle Coaching

Personalized guidance to help you achieve lasting wellness through tailored nutrition, movement, stress management, and lifestyle adjustments.
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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Naturally and Holistically


We specialize in weight loss and believe wholeheartedly in the holistic transformation power of integrating mind, body, and soul combined with the latest technologies to achieve optimal health and well-being.
We believe that everyone is an ideal candidate. Regardless of age or condition, Lifestyle Wellness Clinic welcomes all individuals seeking to restore and balance their bodies naturally.

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What Our Customers Say

Discover how Lifestyle Wellness Clinic has transformed lives through our holistic and personalized approach. Hear from our clients about their successful weight loss journeys and overall wellness improvements. Join them in achieving your health goals naturally and effectively.
Lifestyle wellness clinic has been helping me reach my goals, the gals working are always so welcoming and answer every question I have. I will continue to use this clinic and I highly recommend going there!
Madison Lloyd
Google Review
My experience was wonderful from the moment I walked through the doors I was acknowledged by Jessica and Shelly with a warm welcome. The space felt safe, inclusive and welcoming and having battled with my weight for years it takes a lot of courage to walk through the doors for help.
Brian Andrews
Google Review
Jessica and Shelly are fantastic! Always on time and so helpful with all my questions! They make me feel like I’m the only person they are helping with their weight loss journey. Highly recommend! World Class Clinic!
David Grell
Facebook Review
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We believe in empowering you to take charge of your health and providing you with the tools to achieve lasting wellness. Therefore, your experience will not be limited by what insurance deems important for your health but instead your health outcome will be determined by YOUR choices.

Overseen By A MEdical Doctor

All treatment plans at Lifestyle Wellness Clinic are overseen by a medical doctor to ensure the highest standard of care. Including perscriptions when required.

Balanced Approach

We take a balanced approach to wellness, integrating nutrition, exercise, and stress management for optimal health.

Dedicated Wellness Coach

Our wellness coaches are passionate about helping our clients enhance their overall health and wellbeing through personalized coaching and support

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Jessica Rancour

Hi! I’m Jessica Rancour, a certified wellness coach passionate about helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals through sustainable lifestyle changes. With a holistic approach, I offer personalized support in nutrition, mindfulness, and lifestyle adjustments. A graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, my mission is to guide each client towards lasting results. My strengths include meal balancing, making physical movement enjoyable, creating new habits, and providing creative strategies for stress management. In my free time, I love being outdoors, cooking, and spending quality time with my family.

Shelly Hice

Shelly Hice has had a diverse career, including owning a successful business in central Minnesota with her husband. Her journey to overcome personal health struggles led her to become passionate about holistic wellness. Shelly holds various certificates and training in awareness practices, meditation techniques, and innovative therapies. She is currently studying for her Naturopathy Practitioner Certification and training as a Health and Wellness Coach. As a former patient at ANMC Holistic Health Clinic, Shelly is excited to help clients at Lifestyle Wellness Clinic. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, cooking, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

Jessica Stauffer

Meet Jessica Stauffer, who has worked in various healthcare settings with a focus on health and wellness. Passionate about learning and practicing diverse wellness modalities, she is dedicated to improving each individual's quality of life. Jessica is excited to help patients achieve healing and wellness at Lifestyle Wellness Clinic. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities, spending quality time with her two children, and socializing with friends over good food.

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